Feebles’s Re-Debut: Sassy Saturdays

Waaazzzz-up!!! Did you miss me? I know you did. ‘Cause who’s the most awesome-sauce-like-a-boss Tiger Familiar a fairy could ever have? Me, that’s who! And now I get my own weekly appearance, because both Luna and I agree that everybody needs more of my copyrighted Feeblishous-ness (yes folks, Feeblishous-ness is copyrighted, or will be if Luna ever takes me seriously enough to make it official, she keeps telling me that I need a trademark, and I’m like “Fae, please, I am a trademark”).

We’re going to call this week’s installment “Rough Draft”, because that’s what the first full of week of the year has been for my fairy. She spent all of December getting pumped over the changes she was making in her life, and she was getting especially pumped over her “living book” project. I asked her how it was a living book if it didn’t even breathe. She just kind of looked at me sideways and asked “Do a whole lot breathing yourself there?” And people wonder where I get my sass from.

But after building up all the excitement, we hit January and had some of the wind knocked out. I had to keep telling her to keep breathing. She kept getting signs from the universe to just flow, from going to a beach flow jam to having a fan lesson to finding a mantra to help her go with the flow. And she made it work. For every little thing she stressed about making perfect, she found another way to let go, flow, and grow.

My fairy’s mom is a writer, and Luna grew up surrounded by other writers and creators, and something that her mom always emphasizes is you have to write that first @*!%%$ draft, that you have to start somewhere and there’s a reason we call it a rough draft.

If the first week of a new year is like the opening sentence of a new book, I think my fairy’s on the right track.


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