Sassy Saturday: Timey-Wimey Week


Duuudddeee . . . did we get roofied? My fairy and I have literally spent so much of this week sleeping, it feels like we time-traveled and missed most of the week, I guess we really needed the rest.

It’s not like we didn’t do anything this week, ’cause we totally did. We did some cleaning in the apartment (although then we kind of messed it up again, more cleaning this evening). We also did a fairy/familiar adventure on the local bus system for the first time, all the way to Disneyland! Super fun, but also super draining in energy. We got some new yarn to play with, and Luna got to see one of her gal pals she hasn’t hung out with in a while.

But other than that, it feels like this week didn’t exist. My fairy’s been feeling a bit bummed about this, and I spent yet another week reminding her to just flow with it, one step at a time. Week 2 of a whole year, no point in getting stressed out yet.

So yeah, not much sass this week. *yawn*


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