If our very existence is defined by language, defined by fundamental coding and words, if we are indeed the software that writes the hardware, then is a blog, a book, a story, a poem not our primary tool for editing that language? A tool to patch the software? A method to redefine reality?

What does it mean to Sparkle? What does it mean to Thrive? I knew these were my destination, like X marks the spot on the map, but what does that map even look like? How can I really know where I’m going before I define it.

If I am feeling stuck, maybe it is NOT because there are obstacles blocking my path, but maybe it is because the path doesn’t exist, or has not been fully formed. Like a piece of code with missing syntax, maybe I’ve accidentally written myself into a looping error.

I think I’ve reached a point where I need to look at some of the fundamental parameters of my code, get down to the root.


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