“I believe in good things coming”

You ever have one of those moments where you feel like nothing particularly special or important is happening, and that it’s just the same drudgery day in and day out, but then you stop for a moment and realize that there is actually so much going on that you completely missed the forest in all of those dang trees?

That’s about where I’m at right now. I was starting to stress over the idea that my blog has lain neglected for some time, that my living book project has stalled out, and that nothing of “major consequence” was happening with my crafts or my life. But last night I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep, and all these thoughts spinning around in my head, and I realized that what I had previously thought of just plodding along through each day trying not to lose my mind in the monotony of it all, was actually quite a bit of foundation laying for some pretty cool fairy magic. Suddenly it became clear that instead of nothing to write about, I had so much to share that I barely knew where to begin.

– I recently brought home both a loom and a spinning wheel that my great aunt has gifted me, along with quite a quantity of warping yarn and fleece. It took two tries to bring the loom and wheel home from my aunt and uncle’s house in northern California. The first time we tried back in February, the transmission on the truck gave out and we had quite the adventure getting home again. This time the trip transpired with little incident, aside from the serpentine belt snapping on the freeway on our way home, but a quick to tow to an auto parts store and some time tinkering under the hood and we were on our way again. Belts are much easier for DandyLions to replace than transmissions. Now the task at hand is to learn how to competently spin yarn and weave fabric, but the options these two skills will open up for future projects is very exciting!


– I did not go to Lucidity this year. I’ve volunteered the past 2 years and sort of started taking it for granted that I would attend every year, but volunteering just didn’t work out this year, for a variety of reasons. Instead, during the same weekend as the festival, I finally opened up my online shop to sell my creations. This has been a project 2 years in the making, ever since I came home from my first Lucidity festival. There’s been plenty of distractions, detours, set-backs, and even crises of confidence, but it seemed like the universe was saying “No more excuses, you’re not busy this weekend, time to make it happen!” And so I did, now you can get your own fae inspired accessories and trinkets in the La Vida Fae shop!

– There are a number of other events that I will be attending as the season progresses, one of the most notable being Lightning in a Bottle in May. DandyLion purchased our tickets the day they went on sale, so we will both be there as playing participents with no worries of fullfilling work shifts. More updates on fun stuff like our camp design and any offerings we will be bringing to come in future posts!


– I will be volunteering at Soultruistic Festival at Lake Isabella in June. I am so incredibly excited, not only because it’s an opportunity to volunteer after Lucidity turned out not to be in the cards for me, but also because quite a few of my mates from my home tribe will also be volunteering/attending. It’s looking like it’s going to be a wonderful family gathering, and although I will not be officially vending at the festival, I will be bringing some La Vida Fae goodies for trading and gifting.



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