Now What?

I had a bold epiphany this week: The difference between those who find success, and those who sizzle out comes down to the question “Now what?”

Also, the question “Now what?” is the most singularly terrifying and potentially liberating question I’ve ever asked myself.

I finally opened up my online shop, 2 years after I decided I was going to do that.  I finally settled on a shop platform, I finally uploaded pictures that I took quite some time ago, I finally made product listings, I finally shared the news and links to my creations on my social media.  Now what?

My brain has come up with exactly 2 responses to this question:

1) Keep making stuff, keep putting up items for sale, keep promoting yourself so that your stuff actually sells, make some business cards, find people who actually want your business cards, wear your own creations 24/7 in shameless self promotion, ask friends to also shameless promote your stuff, provide incentives for people to get excited about your stuff, think up good incentives to offer, build a social media following, learn how to actually use social media effectively, figure out how to maintain a social media presence without sacrificing your entire life to the internet, consider other income sources besides your shop, think of ways to build up “your brand”, write more in your blog, actually build a up a blog following . . . . . . . . . . . .

2) Crawl into bed with some instant gratification knitting, some snacks, and Netflix and pretend you didn’t actually set this choo-choo-train in motion and it’s just a dream.

The whole thing has got me feeling a bit like this:


My original intention with opening up a shop was to be able to sell my creations so that I would have a source of income doing something I loved.  Well, I’m there, but I’m not there.  The shop is open, but here I sit at this awkward juncture where I haven’t yet sold a single item.  I technically followed through on my plan, but the ultimate goal is still a ways off.  So now what?

The reality is I’m free to do whatever I want.  There are any number of projects I can work on to support my dream, and I even have an extensive list of ideas just waiting for their moment in the spotlight.  We think that completing a goal will be this life altering achievement, but no matter how impressive or profound the achievement, there will always come that moment of “Now what?”

P.S. If you haven’t seen my shop yet, check it out here:


One thought on “Now What?

  1. It might help if people could figure out how to order! Why isn’t there a link to your shop on your blog? I know you sent me a link a while ago but I can’t find it. I was planning on ordering the cheapest thing I could just to see how on it you are with shipping. =P

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