A Familiar’s update on behalf of his Fae

image Wazzup, it’s been a while since you been treated to a post by Tiger Familiar Extraordinaire. What can I say, my fairy has been busy so I’ve been busy.

My fairy has been majorly distracted lately, like we joke that the wings are really just for decorative purposes but they might as well be real because she’s seriously had her head in the clouds lately. Also laundry, we’ve been literally wading through piles of laundry and bedding and camp gear.


The latest distraction has been Lightning in a Bottle, which was preceded by weeks of excited prep work and projects, none of which our dear distracted fae had the wherewithal to document. If she doesn’t get her act together, I’ll just have to take it into my own paws to get her projects photographed.

Since getting home, she’s been catching up on sleep and doing what she calls “processing the experience”, which to me mostly just looks like procrastinating on laundry and knitting squares.


She calls that pattern “sanity squares” because she likes to knit them when she’s got a lot on her mind, she says the simple pattern doesn’t require too much attention and has a nice flow. In 24 hours, she’s knit 2 of them of different sizes. She says there’s a plan for them, but she will often say that about squares and there’s still a pile of them in a basket somewhere. I can’t complain, the more time she spends knitting, the more likely I am to get out of being forced into a bath.

Fairy interjection:
Thank you Feebles for reminding me about the bath, you had a very dusty weekend.

The festival was, in short, breath taking. I experienced some of the most beautiful, cathartic moments of my relatively short existence, and created some beautiful bonds with my camp mates and fellow mischief makers. The musical set of the weekend for me was definitely Govinda, but the Woogie stage was the best place to be overall. The whole festival experience was so ethereal that I didn’t even try to take photos this year, and really, this is only photo that matters anyway:


I did get one other picture that, to me, really captured the emotion of the weekend:



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