Be Free, Be Light

40 Days of Fae/Flow

Day 3 – Yesterday’s intention was “Free”. I actually picked this one the night before as I was going to bed so I could start the day with it in mind. And I think it worked but not in the way I expected, because what I experienced was a free flowing release of emotion, and not in a nice euphoric way (I still have to go apologize to my mum 😦 ). It was like all the pent up awfulness just broke the damn and flowed forth, and it was ugly, and it sucked. And what do you know, I felt a lot better when it was over . . . a lot more free.

I called up my bestie, Shiva, to talk things out and we got into one of our marathon conversations, just freely flowing ideas, no holds barred, no topics censored. I spent the afternoon reminiscing about times in my life when I felt the most free, and brainstormed how to emulate that in this new chapter of life. I gave myself permission to step into my own power and stretch these wings to really fly.

But I came to the end of the day and realized that I hadn’t danced or practiced flow arts at all, and I was so drained from this emotional release that I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to bother. But that little voice in the back of my mind said “Hey, be bold, get up and dance to something anyway. Be free, just do it.” So I chose an old favorite that used to be my “personal anthem” at all the parties, until everyone got bored and stopped playing it (booo), and I just got up and danced like I didn’t care.

Day 4 – Today’s intention is “Light”, and like yesterday, the intention kicked in first thing in the morning but it has been a radically different morning. I woke up to an email with a solution for my problem of having a ride to Soultruistic Festival this weekend, and suddenly it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of me. I felt light, and happy, and like maybe everything wasn’t as much in the toilet as I was making it out to be.

This was spontaneously filmed this morning as I sat at the computer writing and drinking coffee. This really good track started playing, and I just had to get up and dance, so I pushed the desk chair aside, hastily propped up the camera, and just let myself be light and carefree. It wasn’t even until I caught a glimpse of the footage that I realized how silly I looked in my tie-dye tank and leopard pajamas, but you know what, I actually think the look works for me :p


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