Once Upon a Time . . .

. . . there was a fairy who loved to dance.  Her stage was the forest floors, and dusty deserts, sandy beaches, and moonlit taverns.  One evening, she met a handsome young man, and he followed her onto the dance floor.  Moving together to the music, he knew she was special, he knew he didn’t want to let her go.  And the fairy began to fall in love with him in return.

What she didn’t realize that this was no ordinary man; he was, in fact, a prince.  And he welcomed into his kingdom, into his life, where she found herself utterly swept away, and as if by magic he transformed her into a princess.  They attended balls and feasts together and he indulged her every passing whim.  But it wasn’t all feasts and finery, he also shared with her how he ran his kingdom, and she saw that he was also clever, resourceful, and strong of spirit.

But life at the palace was not everything she thought it would be; he could dress her up as a princess, but she was a fairy, a creature of the wild.  Her prince tried to convince her that she could be both, encouraged her to practice her magic, urged her to stretch her wings.  Instead, she grew listless and her spells grew weak.  She spent her days wandering the palace halls wondering if she could ever truly belong in a place like this.  Her prince watched her fade and tried to do what he could, but a fairy that has forgotten how to use her magic is only a shadow of herself.

Soon, she felt there was no choice left for her.  She packed her things and with an aching heart and tear stained cheeks, she returned to her woodland home.  And her prince let her go, because what could he do?

That night, the fairy curled up with her animal friends and tried to sleep.  She thought of her beautiful prince, and she hoped that he was well.  She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.  Fairies are used to granting wishes, but rarely do they make any for themselves.  But that night she made two wishes: first, she wished that he would be a wonderful king with the queen he deserved by his side, and second, that she would find the answers she needed to find her magic again.  And above her head, far up in the sky, a star twinkled, as if making a promise.


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