Be careful what you wish for . . .

. . . You might actually get it!

I’ve now been doing 40 Days of Fae for a week, and the results would be knocking my socks off if I weren’t already running around barefoot.  This whole concept of choosing a random theme/intention for the day is getting a little freaky, in a completely awesome, magical way.

Friday’s word was “Brave”.  The first thing I thought when the word was chosen was Merida’s famous line from the movie Brave, “Our fate lives within us, we only have to be brave enough to see it.”  I don’t use the word Fate a lot, but I do believe that if you are living in alignment with your highest self, then there are certain event and twists in life that will unfold so organically it feels like fate.  And that’s exactly what happened this weekend, and thank goodness I was brave enough to follow my intuition.

Once my camp-mates and I had arrived and set up our new temporary home, I wandered back to the production area to find someone in charge, in order to find out what I should be doing as a volunteer.  It was a chaotic hour of the evening, and after being passed back and forth under the care of a few people who said they would assign me a task, but never quite got to it, I found myself accidentally forgotten and left behind with nothing to do and no idea of whom to seek out.  I laughed because I’m familiar with the fabulous organic mess that is event production, so I wandered back up to the front gate where I sensed that I would have the best chance of finding some way to make myself useful, and it worked out perfectly as I was able to take the place of another volunteer when their shift came to an end.  And that’s where Serendipity and Synchronicity said “Hey, we’d like you to meet someone, this person is going to blow your mind and and your weekend out of the water.”

Even now back at home I still don’t want to write too much about the experience because it was so deeply personal and deliciously magical.  And in affirmation to what we were feeling, my festival partner watched as I randomly chose the number for Saturday’s word, the sun not yet over the horizon and the morning feeling full of promise, and we looked in my journal and laughed as the word revealed itself to be “Magical”.

The weekend continued to unfold in one breathtaking magical moment after another, until finally the night faded away and Sunday had arrived, the time to pack everything up and return to the real world.  I chose my word, and it was “Daring” and I knew my task for the day was to be daring enough to return to the real world, to emerge into the hustle and bustle of “Normal”, still baring my magical soul I had unleashed.  I always wish each festival could last forever, that each temporary village we construct could be permanent, that I never have to go back to “real life”, but I am a resident and caretaker in this world that does not really exist, and it is my duty as it’s citizen to hold that world alive in my heart, even when it is time to pack up the tents and say farewell for now.

Today’s word is “Adventurous”, and while I’m not planning any activities more adventurous than doing some very dusty laundry and putting away camp gear, it’s my reminder that I am not the same fairy as before I left for the weekend.  Instead of following my usual modus operandi of unpacking and asking “Now what?” my mind and heart are full of ideas of the adventures to come.  I barely know where to start, but I know that so long as I keep being Brave, and Magical, and Daring, the Adventure will follow, and it will be amazing.


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