Off-kilter, but ok with it

Today’s word is “Balance”.  It could also be “Irony” because even though I started the day strong, I just adjusted my supplements and I can feel my system struggling not to swing out of balance as it catches up to the change; I might even be on a detox wave as my body reacts to the vitamins and goes into overdrive pushing out crap.  Not exactly what I call fun, but there isn’t much to do but ride it out.  I’ve been spending a mellow day doing good stuff for my body that will help me feel more balanced out.

Now that I’m back home from the festival, it’s time to resume my dance and flow routines.  Today I’ve been playing with something a little new, but very apropos for a theme of balance: the flow wand!  This is technically my mother’s flow wand she just got, but seriously, there’s no way I’m going to just sit by and watch her and not learn too 🙂  I might not know much yet, but I can already tell this is going to be a fun one to play with.

Unfortunately you do not get any video today.  I kept thinking all day my energy would turn around and I’d want to film, but this is beyond even the apathy I felt the first few days I filmed myself, I’m just flat drained of energy.  But such is life, we can’t maintain that perfect balance every single day, all we can do is flow with it and listen to our body’s needs.


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