The Data is Thus Inconclusive in Regards to the Original Hypothesis

I really don’t know what to make of my 40 Days of Fae project. This weekend my usual practice of selecting a word got a little bit derailed, but I figured I would just pick up today where I left off and draw a new word. Out of curiosity, I decided to pick a handful of numbers and retroactively assign them to the days I missed, just to see what that day’s word might have been. Well I should know better about idly casting spells like that, because each word was eerily apt for the day in retrospect. This has officially moved beyond the original idea of being a “personal boot camp” for reinstalling healthy habits and reinvigorating my flow practices, this has now become a full on experiment in the power of Serendipity and the full extent of my Magical Manifestation.

For my own record keeping, the words of the weekend were thus:

  • Thursday – Overflowing
    This day was marked by feeling like I was overflowing with conflicting needs and desires as I battled suddenly lethagy and brain fog brought on by adjusting my supplements. How to reconcile the overwhelming urge to crawl in bed and nap for 3 days when there is so much magic to be making?
  • Friday – Sweaty
    This one reminded me that my list of words was originally taken from somebody else’s 40 day experiment in improving their flow and hooping practice, but still, the word proved appropriate as I spent most of Friday night dancing my heart out with my tribe, and even shape shifted into a fire fae three different times throughout the evening, and was indeed very sweaty and dusty by the end of it šŸ™‚
  • Saturday – Relaxing
    While the rest of the country was celebrating the 4th with food, beer, and explosives, I spent my day being very mellow, taking care of my sore muscles, and just enjoying a lovely summer evening in my own home.

Today’s word is Powerful, and I’m feeling it. I just went back re-reading through my other entries leading up to this day, and thought about how the first couple of days were a bit of a struggle to really feel the word and embody it for the day. But today I looked at the word Powerful and thought to myself “Yup, I’m feeling it!” The past 2 weeks that I have been working on this experiment has been something else entirely from what I expected when I began, but the results I have been getting have really been blowing my mind, and I find myself asking “Is this what doing Magic is actually like? Was I really only just working with training wheels before this?” I’ve been wearing wings for nearly 5 years now, but I’m finally just learning to fly for real.


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