For my next trick . . .

Today’s word is Tricky. As it pertains to the original 40 Days of Flow, this should be the day to practice technique that is tough, not so easily mastered, but like every day that I have experienced so far in 40 Days of Fae, this word is taking on new meaning deeper than I know what to do with.

There’s been a lot of tears today, and not because it’s a bad day, but a lot of old emotions have resurfaced to say hi.

It’s tricky moving on after losing someone. You think that you’ve finally cried it out and that you’re going to be ok, but then you remember how much it sucks that they are gone and you’re right back where you started, even if it’s months or years after the fact.

It’s tricky learning to live with people who don’t understand you, don’t see the real you, are too caught up in their own personal narrative to even see the real people and situations standing in front of them.

It’s tricky finding the perfect balance between feeling beautiful and empowered, and actually applying that energy in a way that is productive to moving forward in life. Saying I’m magical doesn’t automatically make my bank account magically full (wouldn’t that be simple and convenient).

It’s tricky to keep giving selflessly to others while remembering that you need to spend some of that magic on yourself as well.

But as a magical being, it’s only natural that I need to keep adding new tricks to my arsenal. So I pull up my socks (metaphorically, this is still barefoot season after all), and I keep on keeping on.


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