Commission a Design

What kind of wings, garments, and artifacts do I create on commission?

I create all kinds of things from one of a kind wings and dreamcatchers, to fairy accessories like flower crowns and jewelry pieces, to magical shawls and scarves. Check out my gallery to see examples of my creations.

(Fairy Note: the gallery is always being updated with new photos, please feel free to check out the photos currently being featured, but be sure to come back and see the new ones too, or follow my blog to see projects as I complete them)

What does it cost to commission wings or another creation?

The cost of a design depends on both materials used and the amount of labor involved. Natural fibers are priceier than synthetics, although each have their advantages. A pair of wings, depending on the size and intricacy can be anywhere from $40 for a mini set (in acrylic yarn), up to $200+ for a full butterfly set. Feel free to get in touch if you’re curious about a design.

Not all design requests can be accomadated depending on the intricacy of design and required materials, but I am more than happy to discuss design ideas and alternative options.

How long does a commission take to create?

The factors that determine how long it takes to create a design are:
– complexity of the design
– availability of necessary materials (believe it or not, but yarns do get discontinued, and special embellishments might require special ordering)
– time available in my schedule with other projects and life events

In a perfect world, wings and dreamcatchers can be made within 2-3 weeks, and smaller creations such as jewellery pieces can be completed as quickly as one week – this is just crafting time and does not include shipping time. At the time you place your commission order, I will give you an estimate of how long I think the design will take based on the factors I listed above. Of course the world isn’t perfect and delays can occur when producing one of a kind, handmade items, but I shall keep you updated via email should anything occur during the creative process. Please keep this in mind if you want your commission by a certain deadline! I can do my best to accommodate rushed orders, but even a fairy can only do so much.

Things to consider when placing a commission

To help keep costs manageable, all sales are final; I can not do returns, refunds, or alterations. If there has been some kind of error in your order, please feel free to initiate a discussion by getting in contact.

Each item is uniquely handmade, and imperfections are part of the process, although I never let a truly flawed creation go to a client unless some prior agreement is worked out.

Reason I may refuse a commission:
– The required materials are too costly to be practical
– The design is too intricate or not compatible with fiber crafts
– Deadline does not allow sufficient time to complete

I reserve the right to refuse any commission for personal and professional reasons including but not limited to time availible in my schedule, complexity of commission request, and ability to design the request to meet client expectations with artisitic integrity.

Ready to commission a design?

Click here to contact me and start a conversation about getting your own one of a kind wings or other fairy artifact!


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