About The Fairy

My Name Is Luna


I first began to realize my magic the summer of 2010 when my best friends took me to a beach party and introduced me to the most lovely tribe of people. I was new to the many manifestations of the EDM and music festival scene, and I quickly fell in love with my fellow ravers representing the PLUR lifestyle, the burner and festy types promoting tribal consciousness, and all the people in between: the DJs, the photographers, the gogo dancers, the hoopers and poi spinners and fire dancers, the mermaids, the producers, the techies, other fairies, psy-stompers and forrest freaks, spirit wolves and coyotes and wildcats. It was the circus I had always wanted to run away and join. I was given the name Luna by a man that I call Laughing Monk, because he laughs his ways to deep truths, and that name was the beginning of it.

I’m An Artist . . .


As a child I always envied those who could make art. It wasn’t until part way through college I taught myself to knit and discovered my artistic medium, and new obsession, in fiber crafts. Shortly after joining the tribe, I taught myself how to crochet and began exploring all the wonderful possibilities of mixing knit with crochet. I was in awe of the construction possibilities crochet afforded over knitting, the almost quantum way it could grow in any direction without being restricted to linear formations of stitches. I knew this new skill would open up a vast new realm of creative possibilities, though I could not yet see just how far these possibilities would take me.

Around the same time I was learning crochet, I also began a love affair with watercolors. One day I painted a white butterfly on a dark background; the white color didn’t look right, no matter what I tried, so I painted over it in a wash of green. Later that same day, I remembered there was a moth called the luna moth, and when I looked up a picture, it was the exact same green butterfly I had painted. I felt I had stumbled onto something important.

. . . A Dancer . . .


I have loved dance ever since I was a child, but did not dedicate myself to taking classes until I was considered “too old” to have a professional career. In college, I accepted my fate to forever be an “amateur”, but still filled my schedule with dance classes for the sheer joy of it. I lived for performance nights and would spend hours agonizing over every last detail of my costume, makeup, and choreography.

By the time I discovered first the EDM scene, and then the consciousness festival scene, I had been out of school for a while, working a job I hated, and I missed performing more than anything. And suddenly, I discovered my perfect stage. Because what I loved most about performing was not having an audience watch me do what I had practiced into perfection; what I loved most was that perfect moment on the stage, when all the rehearsing was done and it was time to simply let the music fill my soul and coming twisting out my limbs and body, carrying me through the choreography, filling me with energy and carrying that energy out to audience so that they might feel the ecstasy that I did when the music coursed my veins. And on darkened dance floors under flashing lights, and on sandy beaches with the waves pounding in cadence, and under forest trees between rows of tents like mushrooms, I found my stage to perform my ecstatic dance.

. . . And A Fairy


I had a new stage to dance upon, and a new character to make come to life – Luna, the new girl in town, the girl I had always wanted to be: creative, spontaneous, spiritual, and a little bit supernatural. It only seemed natural to start wearing wings to all the events and parties I attended, green ones like the luna moth. My first pair of wings were made of nylon and cheap wire; I bought them online for only a few bucks and wore them until they were trashed beyond repair. I thought to myself “There has to be a way I could make a more durable and more personalized set of wings. I wonder if I could knit something . . . or crochet!” I grabbed some wire hangers and some yarn and a few days later I had my first set of handmade wings.

From there I went on to make more wings in different styles and color themes. Each set of wings had it’s own energy, belonged to a slightly different fairy personality. And when I wore them and danced in them, I would become that fairy – they were all self portraits in one way or another, and I explored different elements of my personality and creativity with each Fae persona. The number of favorable remarks and requests for custom pairs finally inspired me to create La Vida Fae and go into business selling my creations.

I’m On A Mission


With my tiger familiar, Feebles, by my side, I’m on a mission to dance my way through life, exploring my magic through art and performance and community connection, and hopefully inspiring others to Sparkle and Thrive.